Centro de Idiomas actividades culturales

Cultural Activities

The cultural activities of the language center are designed to promote the use and appropriation of the English language in the university community of Fundación Universitaria María Cano at national level, through the planning and application of cultural and recreational activities that allow the implementation of their English language knowledge from its different language skills, in real time and / or asynchronous and in person and / or remotely, so that attendees participate in situations of real use of the language in an easier way and demonstrating confidence.

Conversation clubs

With our conversation clubs we seek to enhance the participants’ language skills to participate in conversations in English with confidence and security using various strategic expressions, according to their language proficiency, and with cooperating partners.

Creative writing clubs

This club focuses on written language and seeks to stimulate the creativity of the participants to produce texts in English in an organized way using interrogative pronouns and punctuation marks as basic tools.

Reading aloud club

We want participants to be able to read English texts aloud accurately and correctly. That is why we explain them the operation of syllable patterns, stress and intonation in English so that they can predict the pronunciation of texts with a high degree of assertiveness.

Learning through songs club

We want our attendees to continue learning through music. So we provide them with tools to sing appropriately songs in English using song lyrics and pronunciation patterns.

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