University Wellness

The Welfare Departement Benefits are for you!

The Maria Cano has conceived the system of university wellness for those who constitute the university community, as a fundamental factor in the human development. An accomplishment by the professional and humanistic training.

University wellness is the systemic and multidisciplinary procedure to the learning process throughout life and the professionalization of the individual. It is the revitalizing core that participates integrally in the consolidation of the institutional educational project. It contributes to the individual and the social development, reasserting the values that play a key role in the construction of progressing solidary societies, as well as the improvement and sustainability of the quality of life for all its components: Students, professors, administrative staff and graduates, at the Medellin, Cali, Neiva and Popayan campuses.

The system of university wellness is an ensemble of activities, plans, programs and support projects to the academic processes, that as such, make up the development and training process at a physical, psychoactive, spiritual and social level of the students, professors and administrative staff, that serve and interrelate amongst each other.


Davidson Caro Cadavid
Chief of the University Wellness department
Address: Calle 56 No. 41 – 90
Telephone: (60+4) 402 55 00 Ext. 160