Attention Lines

Attention Lines

1.2.3. Social Line for Psychologic and Human Attention Help

1.2.3 Social is a telephone line that deals with personal, family and social emergencies.
Personal and family counselling, crisis interventions and referrals are carried out by telephone. Social emergencies assistance is provided by moving to the scene of events, providing a direct and immediate response.
1.2.3 Social is a help service, where people can be heard and guided by specialized personnel, even to consult for all other routes of care.

Drug Dependance

If you want to know information about the prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances and the different factors that contribute to protection, check the following link for more information.

Telephone of the Contact Centre of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection: 01 8000 96 00 20

Child abuse

Child abuse is not only beatings as many believe, there are many more forms which are considered abuse, to learn more about the harm to children and adolescents, click on the link below:

National Welfare Main Line: 01 8000 91 80 80
National Sexual Abuse Prevention Main Line: 01 8000 11 24 40 

Child sexual abuse

Consult everything related to prevention and alternatives to initiate the attention route in the following link:

Attention line: (60+4) 444 41 44

Sexual assault

Attention to victims of sexual assault requires immediate and priority attention. Click on the following link to know the signs of assault and facts related to violence:

Routes for integral attention to sexual violence:

Address: Calle 44 N° 52-165

Attention line: (60+4) 444 41 44


Love and family problems sometimes cause emotional discomfort and frequent mood swings. For more information, click on the following link:

Telephone: 01 8000 96 00 20

Mental Health

Mental health is an important complement to physical, psychological and social well-being. Click on the following link to recognize the different factors that influence mental health:

Healthy Friend Line: (60+4) 444 44 48

Domestic violence

Family police stations are entities whose mission is to prevent, guarantee, re-establish and redress the rights of family members who have been victims of domestic violence. You can go to the police station closest to your home:

List of Family Police Stations in Medellin


Click on the following link to get more information about services for children and adolescents with disabilities:

National free line ICBF: 01 8000 91 80 80

National main line for denunciation, emergency and orientation. Available 24 hours a day: Línea 141

Citizen Attention Mail:


  • WhatsApp : 320 239 16 85 – 320 239 13 20
  • Chat ICBF Monday to Sunday 24 hours.
  • Video call available Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Route of prevention in protection of children and adolescents by organized groups outside the law and organized criminal groups

The Prevention in Protection Route at the territorial level is designed to increase the response capacity of territorial authorities and entities at the national level to imminent and individualized threats to the right of children and adolescents to be protected against any form of recruitment and use. In the following link you can find more information in case you have any doubt about this subject.

Telephone: (60+4) 514 82 85 – Medellín

Address: Edificio Carré. Cra 52 # 44B – 15

Student Policy

* 24-hour service

* Attention at the national level

* Immediate attention in the Medical Institutions with which we have a national service agreement.

* Reimbursement of co-payments and moderate fees that the EPS charges for the care of an accident, when the care is done through the EPS.

* Automatic reinstatement of the insured value in the protection of medical expenses due to accident up to 100% for new events.

For the location of the nearest Medical Institution or request for funeral service and also know the requirements for filing claims should contact:

Policy # 1000002304

Main lines 01 8000 12 30 10

From cell phone #388

For more information, you can contact the Global Risk Insurance Management Colombia Insurance advisor

Telephone: (60+4) 444 99 49


Ana María Cortés Duque
PBX (60+4) 402 55 00 Ext.161