Medellín Campus

The María Cano University Foundation has its main headquarters in the capital of Antioquia, Medellin. Located at 56 # 41-90, Boston neighborhood in the central eastern part of the city, with easy access to all means of mass transportation, to places of cultural interest, banking institutions, health centers, entrepreneurship centers and technological innovation, as well as different commercial passages that traditionally support the commercial hegemony of Medellin.

The main building has five floors. The building is equipped with classrooms, computer centers, laboratories for the practice of the academic processes, a library, a fitness center, a cafeteria, a teacher’s room, parking, administrative offices, kitchens, bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen, an elevator, meeting rooms, ramps for people with disabilities, as well as university wellness spaces for sports, artistic and cultural activities. Additionally, it has a Center for Business Research and Development, where researchers have their space for the performance of functions and offices for the attention of users.

At the Medellin María Cano campus, we offer: Physiotherapy program (face-to-face) – Phonoaudiology (face-to-face) – Psychology (face-to-face) – Business Administration (face-to-face and virtual) – Public Accounting (face-to-face and online) – Software Engineering (face-to-face), as well as specializations in Health Services Administration (online) – Senior Management (distance education) – Audiology (face-to-face) – Occupational Health Management (online) – Relational Marketing Management (face-to-face) – Management and Project Evaluation (face to face) – Comprehensive assistance to early childhood (online) – Human Talent Management (face-to-face) – Tax Management (face-to-face).

The Medellín de la María Cano campus has ISO 9001: 2015 certification – resolution: SC-CER458798 – in the teaching process. This is a commitment to quality for our entire university community, which is evidenced by the constant and committed work that is organizationally led with the support of all the areas involved in institutional action.

Phone: (4) 402 55 00

IPS Headquarters María Cano

The IPS María Cano is located at 56 street N. 40 – 111 street with the necessary spaces to assist patients in the services of speech therapy, audiology, physiotherapy, psychology and general medicine; The technological, scientific and investigative capacity of the IPS is evident in the laboratories with cutting-edge technology: the Integrated Human Movement Analysis Laboratory, the Auditory Diagnostic Aids Laboratory and the Voice Acoustic Analysis Laboratory are at the service of the community.