Leamos Presentacion

From the institutional mission of The Maria Cano University Foundation, the Center for Academic Reading and Writing «LEAMOS», is linked to the process of training people with critical thinking, social commitment and glocal vision. This academic space is committed to the heuristic development of the university community, assuming the reading and writing with a social character, which recognizes them as tools to achieve goals in the field of teaching, research and extension, always articulated to the social projection.

In this way, LEAMOS is concerned about the communicative practices immersed in the different academic communities that make up The Maria Cano University Foundation, assuming the challenge of promoting a transformation in the situation of science, consumption and knowledge production of the population in general. The mentioned practices are materialized in the university life in the need of social interaction with the knowledge societies, represented in disciplinary communities, bibliographic production and specific actions of scientific mobilization, which are explicitly expressed in the act of reading and writing, same processes that have occupied different disciplinary and academic instances, mainly in the last 50 years.

Thus, LEAMOS represents a response to the need to work on reading and writing at all educational levels, especially those involved in the generation of knowledge and training of professionals, which is the prerogative of teaching, supporting and accompanying all members of the community.