Neiva Campus

The María Cano University Foundation campus in the capital of Huila is located at calle 21 # 8b – 15. Belonging to the downtown area of ​​the city, on the main road of the avenue known as Tenerife, easily accessible. to means of mass transport. Its strategic location allows you to access a commercial area, where a variety of bank branches, shopping centers, universities, clinics, laboratories and specialized centers are located. Within the perimeter, there are representative institutions such as the Police Headquarters, the Tenerife Battalion and the convention center. All these spaces harmonize and give dynamics to the growing development of this city.

Our presence in the capital of Huila responds to the need for academic training in this region of the country and it is carefully planned to contribute to the well-being of the community of this outstanding region of ​​Colombia, which stands out for its commerce, culture and respect for traditions.

The physical infrastructure consists of a 4-story building, consisting of air-conditioned classrooms, practice laboratories, systems room, auditorium, library, gymnasium, restrooms, a front desk and offices for the administrative and research department. In Neiva, María Cano offers you the programs of Physiotherapy (face-to-face) – Speech Therapy (face-to-face) – Business Administration (virtual) – Public Accounting (virtual) and the Specializations in Senior Management (virtual) – Safety and Health Management in Work (virtual) – Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (virtual) and Sports Psychology (virtual).

La María Cano has ISO 9001:2015 certification – resolution: SC-CER458798 – in its different processes. This is a commitment to quality for our entire university community, which is evidenced in the constant and committed work that is led organizationally, with the support of all the areas involved in institutional action.

Phone: (60+8) 874 64 53 – 874 64 57