Specialization in Senior Management

SNIES 8955
Qualified record: Resolution No. 006446 of April 22nd, 2022
Credits: 28
Duration: 2 semesters
Value 2024: $7.335.935 per semester
Validity: 7 years

Jorge Armando García García
Coordinator of Postgraduate Programs
Business Sciences School
Phone (60+4) 4025500 ext. 209
Email: posgradosfce@fumc.edu.co

The specialization in Senior Management offered by The Fundación Universitaria María Cano is framed, in the Colombian context, as one of the disciplines attached to the administrative sciences. It is included as one of the denominations involved in the economic-administrative areas that seeks to respond to specific situations from the reality of organizations to generate a positive impact on society and promote the different dynamics of the economy of companies. The training of managers who are at the forefront of technological, financial and management tools is included to make assertive decisions in the context of the continuity of the economic entity and sustainability.

This specialization seeks the apprehension of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in its different processes. Besides, it is supported by interdisciplinarity, creation and development of knowledge based on cognitive preparation and the development of integrating competencies -being, knowing and doing- It is founded on self-learning, self-management, decision making, leadership, organizational communication, and values. This program motivates the training of an autonomous professional with the freedom to express himself/herself with professional criteria in any of the fields of performance, as well as considering that his/her work is immersed within the administrative process, generating value to the organization that he/she manages, leads, or advises.

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    Admission Profile

    The applicant to the specialization must have the following characteristics which will be evaluated in the admission interview:

    • Develop a critical and creative thinking by analyzing phenomena, making their own idea of them, and seeking solutions to the problems that may arise.
    • Coexist in society, respecting people and seeking community welfare
    • Know, adapt, and build themselves as a person.
    • Be an agent of change, participating in a democratic process of social transformation.
    • Fulfill administrative activities that allow the use of knowledge, experiences, and results at different levels.
    • Be aware of the advances in Senior Management to transfer, adapt and generate alternatives to solve specific problems, based on the mega-trends of today’s world.
    • Have basic technological tools for the development of the specialization and have the facility for internet connectivity, as a direct training channel.
    • Have fundamentals in research processes.

    Professional profile:

    The Specialist in Senior Management will be able to:

      • Propose an integral vision of the different management processes supported by the development of competencies that allow resizing the company.
      • Develop methods that stimulate a creative strategic thinking and a solution to problems in a systematic and effective way.
      • Lead processes of change in the work systems of the organizational structure, based on the conformation of primary groups.
      • Perform in those business areas that represent high levels of the company.
      • Include communication tools that allow them to exercise organizational leadership, and make incursions into the world of globalization, competitiveness, and production based on the new trends of the national and international market.

    Ocupational profile

    The specialist in Senior Management of María Cano will be able to perform as:

      • First line manager
      • Manager
      • President and Vice President
      • Functional area manager
      • Department Heads
      • Advisor and consultant
      • Executive



    Contenido programático

    Management competencies 2
    Marketing Management 2
    Strategic Management 2
    Elective 2
    Financial Management 2
    Environmental Analysis 2
    Research Seminar I 1

    Credits: 13

    Project Management 2
    Human Talent Management 2
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management 3
    Management Control and Measurement 3
    Digital Transformation Management 3
    Research Seminar II 2

    Credits: 15