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Outstanding contribution that generates inclusion in the country

  With the support of its academic and administrative leaders, María Cano had a successful participation in the activity that allowed the socialization of the new sectoral standards of labor competence, which have been updated with the contribution of the hearing aid devices sector in the diagnostic areas. , maintenance and assembly of hearing aid […]

With projects that will allow us to grow and serve the community

The Speech Therapy program led the Meeting of Experts in Critical Care, a space designed to establish an open dialogue regarding the needs of the country and the region that support the relevance of a postgraduate program in this field, so that it can be responded to, from the academy, to the true requirements of […]

Present at a Meeting of Good Practices that are an example

Research professor Ricardo León Sánchez Arenas participated in the Virtual Meeting of Good Practices for follow-up of graduates and employability, led by the Colombian Association of Universities – ASCUN, between August 4 and 6, within the framework of the V International Meeting of graduates to be held in 2021. In this space, the Graduate Offices of […]

The importance of entrepreneurship and the economic reactivation of culture

The María Cano University Foundation participated in the press conference to socialize the Diploma in Economic Administration for Arts and Creativity led by CONARTE Nuevo León México and the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Area, where the Institution is part of the academic focus. The general objective of the diploma is to strengthen the professionalization of […]

Farewell to future speech therapists

The Speech Therapy program, at the Medellín de la María Cano headquarters and the Graduate Office held the farewell event for students in the last semester of this traditional and important area of ​​training that fills the Institution with pride for the great contribution it provides to community; They are people who after eight semesters of […]

At Huila we are committed to continuity in higher education

In the city of Neiva, the María Cano University Foundation led the organization and development of the I Significant Experiences Forum from the Student Permanence, in this version from the virtual point of view, an event that is part of the 2020 action plan of the Institutional Welfare Table from the University Network of the […]

Data of the María Cano in the last validity

Undergraduate and posgraduate degree students currently studying at Maria Cano
People tended to by the interns from all the programs
Participations in Institutional Well-being
Students graduated from Medellín, Cali, Neiva and Popayán campuses.

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