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International impact visit that strengthens research

The María Cano University Foundation will receive from Monday, August 2, 2021, Dr. Jorge Guadalupe Mendoza León, who is Professor of the Technological Institute of Sonora (ITSON) – Mexico and has been developing different research projects and products in conjunction with researchers from the SUMAR group of the Business Administration program. Professor Mendoza is an Industrial […]

Message from the President of ACIET for higher education

Although the difficulties are great, the founders, presidents, rectors and directors of Colombian higher education institutions (IES) do not give up in our efforts so that training continues to be a powerful instrument of social and labor transformation that enables life and the work of millions of compatriots and contributes to the construction of a […]

Excellent news to strengthen second language skills

The Ministry of Education of the municipality of Santiago de Cali has issued Resolutions No. 4143. of 2021, 4143. of 2021, 4143. of 2021 and 4143. of 2021, for the program “Academic knowledge in English A1, A2, B1 and B2” with a validity of 5 years, in this way the Language Center of the María […]

Result of the Diploma in Dysphagia as a title option in ARETÉ Magazine

The Areté Magazine is an interdisciplinary scientific publication, aimed at the dissemination of knowledge related to research in the processes of human communication, their disorders and superior aerodigestive functions, in various settings and populations. In its latest edition, it includes the publication of four research articles developed by students and professors of the Speech Therapy […]

Commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation

The Administrative – Financial and Accounting Office is a space of the Mara Cano University Foundation, attached to the Faculty of Business Sciences, which aims to accompany the businessman and entrepreneur in the accompaniment and development of plans that allow generating strategic actions that support in different moments of business life. In compliance with this […]

Socialization of results of the first semester María Cano

Leaders of the different subsystems of the Institution, at the national level, evaluated the fulfillment of the comprehensive action plan of 2021 in the first six months of the year, taking into account the strategic lines of Academic Quality, Relationship with the Environment and Institutional Management, reaching a performance of 96.1% of the activities projected […]

Data of the #MásMaríaCano in the last validity

Undergraduate and posgraduate degree students currently studying at Maria Cano
People tended to by the interns from all the programs
Participations in Institutional Well-being
Students graduated from Medellín, Cali, Neiva and Popayán campuses.

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