Admitted Candidates list

List of Admitted

After reviewing if you were admitted, follow the following steps to legalize your enrollment:

1. Check enrollment contract (Click here to view)

2. Check and print the settlement, here you will be accepting the terms of the enrollment contract

3. After making the payment, check your «Academusoft» academic system username.

4. Enter the «Academusoft» platform to check your schedule.

Note: Because it is the first time you log into the system, the password will be the same username you had in step No 3; after the first entry the system will ask you to change the password.

Note: Applicants admitted to Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Psychology must submit the following documents to the Admissions Office for registration:

  • Copy of the vaccination card with the vaccination schedule initiated for: Hepatitis B, tetanus, measles and rubella.
  • Updated Certificate of affiliation to the EPS (Insurance company)