Judicial Notices

The María Cano University Foundation, in accordance with the provisions of article 197 of Law 1437 of 2011, has enabled the email box notificacionesjudiciales@fumc.edu.co to receive only and exclusively judicial notifications that come from the Judicial Branch.

Law 1437 of 2011, article 197 “Electronic address for notification purposes. Public entities at all levels, private entities that perform public functions, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office that act before this jurisdiction must have an exclusive email box to receive judicial notifications. For the purposes of this Code, the notifications provided through the email box will be understood as personal.

If you wish to submit a request, complaint, claim, suggestion or congratulations, you must carry out the process from Cuéntanos PQRS which you will find at the bottom of the main page www.fumc.edu.co or use the following link https://www. fumc.edu.co/cuentanos/