The following procedure adjusts to what is defined in Law 1755 of 2015 by means of which the System of Petitions, Complaints, Claims, Suggestions and Congratulations – PQRSFD are established.


The María Cano University Foundation, in accordance with the provisions of article 197 of Law 1437 of 2011, has enabled the email box to receive only and exclusively judicial notifications that come from the Judicial Branch.
Law 1437 of 2011, article 197: «Electronic address for notification purposes. Public entities at all levels, private entities that perform public functions, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office that act before this jurisdiction must have an exclusive email box to receive judicial notifications. For the purposes of this Code, the notifications provided through the email box will be understood as personal».

All those offensive terms will be omitted and only respectful suggestions will be received. For clarity, in the following glossary you find the meaning of each type of request:


It is an act through which the user, in a respectful manner, asks María Cano for any information related to the provision of the service and that seeks to improve the service for the internal and external public. The Institution analyzes the petition, its viability in accordance with the guidelines established in the regulations and provides a response in a period of 10 business days, where it informs whether or not it is complied with.


It is the expression or manifestation that the user makes to María Cano because of the disagreement generated by the provision of our services. The Institution receives the notification, redirects it to the area in charge or involved in the complaint and delivers response to the user with excuse or justification, within 10 business days.


It is the opposition or disappointment presented by the user, in order for María Cano to review and evaluate an action related to the provision of the service that affects it in economic terms and that does not comply with those established in the regulations or annual rights report pecuniaries The Institution analyzes the case and responds within 10 business days.


 It is a proposal submitted by a user to influence the improvement of a Maria Cano process whose purpose is related to the provision of the service. This information is received at the Institution and analyzed with the area involved. The suggestion may be accepted or not, according to the actions at the headquarters and the guidelines provided by the management groups, which have an overview of the actions of María Cano. In a period of 10 business days the user is answered.


It is the message provided by a user of María Cano for the satisfaction of service and that serves as an example for institutional action. Thanks are given to the user in a period of 10 business days.