Laboratorio de Análisis de Movimiento 2

The laboratory for movement analysis is a high-technology evaluation system focused on the study of human movement, the analysis of balance, posture, ergonomics in the workplace and gestures in sports activities.

It collects data and images (videos) of the patient in three dimensions (3D) in real time, which after being processed are translated into variables and clinical data.

A diagnosis is made with this information which allows the doctors and the treatment group to have information about the consequences generated by the alterations found. Thanks to the quality of the information available, it is possible to

carry out a planning of surgical interventions, obtain an adequate process with the possibility of being followed, which allows to check the patient’s evolution.

Space to analyze and investigate human movement in the clinical, labor and sports biomechanics areas.

Who can use the lab?

All those people who present an alteration in the gait pattern and/or balance. The laboratory for movement attends to all types of population from 4-year-olds to adults.

Private users, sports clubs, health care providers and/or labor risk managers can access the movement laboratory services.

Commitment to quality and the well-being of our users.

LMA (Laboratory for Movement Analysis) Professional Group

  • Physical Therapist: A professional who performs the physical exam and assists the patient throughout the gait test.
  • Biomedical Engineer: A Professional responsible for the operation and management of the system (equipment), in charge of acquiring and processing data and images.
  • Orthopedist: A Professional in charge of the analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the gait report and the physical examination.
  • Physiatrist: A Professional in charge of suplementing the analysis and evaluation of the progress report and physical examination.

Medellin (60+4) 4806020 / 4025500 ext 410
Address: Calle 56 n° 40 – 111
Service schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


  • BTS Bioengeening
  • ADIBAS Posture
  • EcoSant
  • EMG Biometrics

Human competence

In addition to the high technology available in the movement laboratory, it has an interdisciplinary working group that includes an orthopedist, two physiotherapists and a biomedical engineer.


  • Examination of the gait, helps us to evaluate the ranges of joint movement, force, lengths of the lower limbs, deformation of spine, motor control of hip, knee and foot.

  • Planning of surgical interventions. (pre- and post-surgical neuro-orthopedic assessment).

  • Monitoring of rehabilitation processes to verify the evolution of patients. (clinical follow-up by physiotherapist in rehabilitation processes).

  • Biomechanical evaluation in orthotic and prosthetic prescriptions.

  • Kinematic analysis of sports gestures, identifying movement patterns.

  • Optimisation of posture to increase efficiency, prevent injuries.

  • Measuring parameters in an objective manner to determine if the treatment or therapeutic procedure is useful and efficient.