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The Business Administration Program has a solid academic and administrative proposal that projects it as one of the traditional and representative undergraduate degrees of the María Cano University Foundation.

It trains professionals who base their actions on principles and values ​​such as responsibility and transparency, innovative, with an entrepreneurial mindset and with the knowledge of the discipline, with special emphasis on the financial and administrative fields, which allow them to understand business dynamics, interpret the reality of the environment and make correct decisions, minimizing uncertainty and making the most of the resources available in the organization.

With more than 20 years of operation, preparing competitive professionals adjusted to the requirements of the local, national and international context; bases its actions on achieving high quality accreditation, the result of self-evaluation and continuous improvement exercises, validated by the Ministry of National Education and the National Accreditation System.

The Program offers important alternatives for students, such as interdisciplinary and flexible processes. Likewise, train in 100% virtual mode on the Mariacanovirtual campus, from wherever you are.

The program has highly qualified teachers, with experience in the design and execution of agile learning methodologies, which generate an innovative environment in academic processes, articulated to the institutional pedagogical proposal and the pedagogical and curricular guidelines of María Cano.

SNIES 104654

RC No 9186 of June 24, 2015
Valid for 7 years

Title granted: Business Administrator
Modality: virtual
SNIES: 104654
Qualified Registration: Resolution 022291 of November 24, 2023 – Valid for 7 years.
Duration: 8 semesters
Number of credits: 143
Value 2024:$2’958.178

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    Occupational profile

    The Business Administrator graduated from the María Cano University Foundation will be able to work in public or private organizations in the areas of management, marketing, human talent, finance, consulting, teaching and research. Likewise as a manager and creator of companies in all sectors of economic activity.

    Thus, they will be asked to develop an analytic, self-reflective, critic, creating and leading thinking which renders as a guide and with a generating capacity allowing them to have an active and leading participation in the social and economic development. They must be able to promote and develop different types of organizations, from small to large companies; after having acquired the skills to perceive and assess different situations, they become innovation and change agents.

    Professional profile

    The Business Administrator will have a solid and comprehensive training, with humanistic, scientific and technological foundations, with a multidisciplinary approach to the administrative process, combining skills for planning, organization, direction and control, with skills to coordinate human and physical resources for the achievement of an organization’s objectives under an approach focused on correct financial management. All of the above, combined with entrepreneurial skills and a permanent disposition towards innovation.


    Study Plan


    ICT management 2
    Mathematics I 2
    Communicative skills 2
    María Cano Chair 2
    Epistemology 2
    Economics Fundamentals 2
    Accounting I 2
    Introduction to administration 3

    Credits 17

    Mathematics II 2
    Critical reading 2
    Citizen skills 2
    Microeconomics 2
    Introduction to law 2
    Accounting II 2
    Organizational communication 2
    Organizations 3

    Créditos 17

    Innovation and creativity 3
    Statistics 2
    Institutional elective 2
    Macroeconomy 2
    Commercial legislation 3
    Costs 3
    Management models 3

    Credits 18

    Entrepreneurship 3
    Research foundations 2
    Financial mathematics 3
    Labor legislation 3
    Address 2
    Strategic planning 3
    Operations research 2

    Credits 18

    Projects formulation 3
    Ethics 2
    International economy 2
    Production management 3
    Prospective 2
    Budgets 3
    Marketing 3

    Credits 18

    Project evaluation 3
    Financial markets 3
    Simulation laboratory 2
    Logistics 2
    Administrative controls 2
    Market research 3
    Human talent management 3

    Credits 18

    Geopolitics 2
    International Business 3
    Quality management 3
    Corporate finance 3
    E-commerce 2
    Management information systems 2
    Deepening elective I 3

    Credits 18

    Financial Management 4
    Business practice 10
    Public Management 2
    Elective Deepening II 3

    Credits 19


    Business Administration Director
    Victor Hugo Monsalve Manco
    National toll-free line: 018000412266
    PBX (60+4) 540 12 20 – 402 55 00 Ext.136

    Admission requirements:
    1. Go to, click on the admissions button, select undergraduate registration according to the required modality and complete the online registration form.
    2. Upon completion of the registration form, upload the following documents in pdf format to the platform:
    • Authenticated photocopy of the high school degree certificate or diploma, if you have not yet completed grade 11, original study certificate, issued by the school valid for no more than one month.
    • ICFES test results (Saber 11)
    • A legible photocopy of the identity document (enlarged).
    • A 3×4 size photo, light blue background.
    • Documents are not received physically unless required during the admission process.
    3. Upon completion of online registration, print the payment form or make payment through PSE.
    4. Present interview.
    5. Check the list of admitted people published on the institutional portal or contact the Admissions Office.

    *The María Cano University Foundation reserves the right of admission and assigning study schedules to students.