Program of student permanence

Program of student permanence: «I want you at the U»

“I want you at the U” is the program that guarantees support and guidance to the student from the moment they start their educational process until the moment it ends. That is to say, it is their helping hand at María Cano.
It is aimed at those who have trusted Maria Cano in the Medellin, Cali, Neiva and Popayan campuses to advance their professional and graduate studies, in order to provide the following services: assessment of learning styles, professional orientation, communication skills program, counseling psycho-educative, psycho-orientation, spiritual counseling.
«I want you at the U» also guarantees participation in leveling workshops in mathematical skills and reading comprehension, study methods, life project, citizenship competence, entrepreneurship, development of curriculum vitae, interview and personal presentation, anxiety management in the selection processes.
To have access, it a is very easy process. Just approach your Academic Program Management or University Wellness offices, in all of our campuses and express your interest in knowing about the program «I want you at the U”, so you can enjoy the services and activities.
In this way, at María Cano, through the Academic Vice-rectory and the University Wellness department, we offer strategies of guidance, academic, socio-economic and psychosocial support so that you are never alone, you will also evidence how important you are to all the members of the university community, thus feeling that you can always count on us.
To be part of the «I want you at the U» program, you do not need to fulfill any requirements, you just have to be willing to allow us to be part of your academic process, because we understand you, we care about you, we value you and we are willing to listen to you, so you never feel alone.


To Generate strategies of guidance and academic, psychosocial and socioeconomic support that promote the integral formation in benefit of the student permanence. Thus, guaranteeing the processes of inclusion, reception, adaptation, follow-up to the university life and labor insertion.

This strategy aims to contribute to the achievement of educational continuity, through promotion, motivation, knowledge and adaptation to the university life. It allows the student and their family to know and adapt to the organizational culture, administrative and academic processes and services offered by the María Cano University such as:

  • Assessment of learning styles
  • Inductions to students and families
  • University services fair
  • Professional orientation

In this stage, it is intended to develop academic, psychosocial and socio-economic support strategies that strengthen academic performance and reduce the risk of dropping out at any time during university life.

  • Leveling workshops in mathematical competences and reading comprehension
  • Communicative Skills Program
  • Workshops on Habits and Study Methods
  • Workshops on Active learning methodologies
  • Psychoeducational Counseling
  • Workshops on Test Anxiety Management
  • Psycho-orientation
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Life Project Workshops
  • Workshops on Citizen Competences
  • Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • English workshops

This implies actions to accompany the student when starting the process of connection to the world of work. Since the moment they start their internships until the moment of their working life.

  • Curriculum vitae elaboration Workshop
  • Interview and Personal Presentation Workshop
  • Management of anxiety in the selection processes


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