Human talent management

The future of the world and its constantly changing environment forces us to reformulate paradigms to improve the direction of human talent within organizations. The Human Being needs to face change with a proactive attitude leading people to prepare and have an Integral development. An appropriate human management in the Organization is one of the most valuable components for the development of competitive advantages, to promote the processes of change and to achieve transformations from the cultural field and therefore to achieve competitiveness that companies need in today’s globalized world.

Aware that organizations require to achieve this competitiveness professionals with knowledge, skills and competencies that allow them to effectively guide the processes of change in an increasingly demanding and competitive world, the María Cano University Foundation presents the Certificate course in Human Talent Management, which will allow its participants to manage the actions of people in companies and turn human talent into a competitive advantage to direct organizations towards the objectives and goals set.

Length: 120 HOURS
Investment: $ 2.760.000
Addressed to: All those professionals or companies that recognize in communication a vital role for their performance in the workplace, the world of business and business development.
Phones: 402 55 61


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    Develop administrative criteria which allow participants to assimilate the importance of their professional work and the impact of proper management of human potential within organizations.
    Review the different aspects that make up the processes of human talent management, emphasizing the role that the psychologist plays in the subsystems of feeding, applying, maintaining and developing human potential.




    New management models

    • Definition of Administration
    • Functions of administrators
    • Historical location of administration
    • Organizational structure
    • Administrative techniques or trends
    • Corporate communication or organizational communication

    Human management models

    • Execution of the strategy through people
    • A strategic approach to talent management
    • Strategic styles
    • What is a global strategy?
    • How to manage talent, different styles
    • Leadership Interactions
    • Leadership Alignment
    • Employees and customers
    • The change process
    • The measurement
    • Human resources management in new scenarios

    Searching for and keeping high performance people

    • Staff selection
    • Induction and socialization
    • Personal Development
    • Performance management

    Human talent management

    • Organizational culture
    • Organizational climate
    • Strategic approaches to staff management
    • Nature and strategic views
    • Strategic approach to job analysis
    • Strategic approach to planning, recruitment and selection of human resources
    • H.R. D. Strategic Approach
    • Strategic approach to corporate culture and the D.O
    • Strategic approach to career planning
    • Strategic approach to performance evaluation