Tax management

As a result of the legal globalization reorganization, changes in commitments with the international debt agencies as well as the large fiscal deficit that is being managed generate constant modifications in Colombian tax legislation, which is why maintaining a constant update in the matter is essential.

The María Cano University Foundation, offers the Certificate course in Tax Management so that professionals and students of Public Accounting, looking to enhance tax knowledge in participants, delivering tools allowing them to advance a tax management in which the business organization benefits, the State and the community.

Length: 120 HOURS
Investment: $ 2.760.000
Addressed to: Students and professionals in the areas of Administration, economics and public accounting.
Phone: 402 55 61

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    Provide students and professionals with the knowledge to assume the responsibilities inherent in the taxation process in different areas of economic activity, considering the impact that taxes produce from the perspective of business management, as the importance they have being a source of resources for the State.
    Understand, evaluate and execute the correct application of the provisions that emanate from the current tax system, fundamentally contained in the Tax Statute, in the Income Tax Regime and in the Value Added Tax.
    Analyze the importance of tax management for the definition of the options that companies have in the area of taxes; and apply tax planning in companies.
    Emphasize tax management as part of the process of continuous improvement of business activity, with a clear strategic vision in favor of business and wealth production.
    Provide the modern tools to plan, control and evaluate tax management and specialize, through an adequate balance between theoretical and conceptual aspects and the systematic development of the practice to professionals who wish to acquire the highest level in tax matters.




    Tax on Sales

    • General Taxes on Sales
    • Sales Tax Subjects
    • Classification of personal property and services for VAT purposes
    • Goods
    • Classification of services
    • Common regime
    • Simplified regime
    • Withholding at source on gross sales tax

    Retención en la fuente

    • Elementos, ventajas, obligaciones
    • Agentes retenedores, responsabilidades
    • A título de renta
    • A título de lVA
    • A título de lCA
    • Retención por ingresos laborales
    • Preparación y diligenciamiento de la declaración mensual retención en la fuente

    Impuestos sobre la renta

    • Obligaciones a declarar
    • Rentas exentas
    • Ingresos no constitutivos de renta, ni ganancia ocasional
    • Renta presuntiva
    • Renta por comparación patrimonial
    • Patrimonio bruto
    • Pasivos
    • Patrimonio líquido
    • Rentas brutas
    • Costos y deducciones
    • Descuentos tributarios
    • Cálculo de anticipo
    • Tratamiento fiscal y contable de las retenciones en la fuente
    • Conciliación entre el patrimonio contable y el patrimonio líquido
    • Conciliación entre la utilidad contable y la renta líquida gravable

    Procedimiento tributario

    • Presentación y correcciones de las declaraciones tributarias
    • Requerimientos
    • Liquidación de revisión
    • Recursos
    • Sanciones