Certificate in Ethical Hacking in Corporate Environments

The digital era in which we live allows us to enjoy access to information any time, from any device and from anywhere, so that we can interact, contribute and exchange knowledge through different collaborative or relationship environments. This is leading organizations to define and enable mechanisms for the exchange of information, the completion of formalities and transactions and the interaction between the business, managers, customers and devices that are part of the Internet of Things, regardless of where they are and how they are used. This panorama demands new behaviors and ways of doing things from the organizations, and of course, new opportunities are offered, which in consequence generates new risks.

The student will be learning how to identify and manage security events in the process such as denial of service attacks, impersonation, unauthorized access to computer systems, as well as weaknesses in the implementation of technological infrastructure that can lead to loss of confidentiality, availability and integrity of information, based on the experience of the American company KimberSystems, which for more than 20 years has been protecting the federal cybersecurity of the United States, the private sector and education of this country, making available for students to have the experiences in the most difficult challenges of engineering and information security of this world power.

Duration: 130 Horas
Value: $ 2.400.000
Aimed to: Students of systems engineering, electronics, systems engineers, electronic engineers, systems technologists, IT auditors, security and technology consultants, analysts, security managers, pentesters, security directors, IT directors, IT managers, security managers, infrastructure analysts, IT head office and all those people interested and passionate about analyzing vulnerabilities in IT security.
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    Introduce the participant into the world of Ethical Hacking in Corporate Environments from the auditing perspective as an evaluator and value aggregator in organizational risk management.
    Know Advanced Pentest techniques to detect weaknesses in the business technological infrastructures that allow to generate the necessary plans to correct and minimize the impact in the materialization of information security risks.


    Study Plan

    Programmatic content

    • Linux

    Linux Commands
    Linux File Structure
    Virtual Machines
    Installation, configuration and use of Kali Linux

    • System Hacking

    Information Gathering

    • Web Hacking

    3.1 Web Architecture
    3.2 Sql Injection & Blind Injection XSS
    3.3 LFI & RFI
    3.4 Advanced Attacks

    • Wireless Networks

    Firewalls and protections
    4.1 Firewall
    4.2 IPS
    4.3 Evasion

    • DS, Firewalls & Honeypots