Hacking y seguridad web

The purpose of this Certificate course is to show students associated risks when creating and managing web applications, keeping in mind all aspects related to the security of the applications and the data they manage. Throughout the course, it will be detailed how to carry out a web audit process, showing in detail the different techniques needed to challenge security systems usually protecting these resources.

The student will learn in the process how to deal with complications such as denial of service attacks, unauthorized access to databases and other inconveniences that compromise security, based on the experience of the American company KIMBERSYSTEMS that has been protecting the federal cybersecurity of the United States, the private and educational sector of this country for over 20 years making available to students the experiences in the most difficult engineering and information security challenges of such a powerful country.

Study plan
Length: 130 hours
Investment: $ 2.400.000
Addressed to: System Engineering, engineering students, electronics, system engineers, electronic engineers, systems technologists, IT auditors, security and technology consultants, analysts, security managers, pentesters, security directors, IT directors, IT managers, security managers, infrastructure analysts, IT managers and all those interested and passionate about vulnerability analysis in computer security.
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    To introduce the participant in the world of Web Pentesting or Hacking of Pages and Web Applications. Publicizing different attack techniques in a guided way against Web applications, as well as countermeasures and implementations to protect these resources.
    To know Advanced Pentest techniques, as well as the necessary protection measures against them. Among these advanced techniques of Pentest Web will be deepened in: SQL Injection, Blind SQL Injection, XSS Reflected, XSS Stored, CSRF, XML Injection, Session Fixation and Botnet DDOS HTML5, among others.
    To detect and know the operation of protective devices by taking necessary measures for their correct implementation.


    Study plan

    Content Program

    • Introduction to the Pentest web
    • SQL injection attacks to database
    • Cross site scripting
    • Other common attacks
    • Hacking with HTML5 and web application firewall