Computerized gait test

Computerized gait test:

Biomechanical gait analysis for patients with Child Cerebral Palsy (CIP) and neurodegenerative diseases that require study, in order to generate diagnostic correction to improve gait.

The examination has a duration of about three (3) hours. It begin taking anthropometric measurements of the upper and lower limbs as required, then the reflective markers are placed at different anatomical points previously established, which will indicate to the system where and how the movements are performed when the person is on the track.

This track has about 6 meters of lenght and 6 high-speed optoelectronic or infrared cameras, which record the markers, there are 2 platforms, which measure accurately the forces originated during gait in different activities or movements.

After this, a complete physical examination is carried out, in which the ranges of joint movement, strength, lengths of the lower limbs are evaluated; deformities in the spine and lower limbs, alterations in muscular tone such as spasticity, alterations of the motor control in the hip, knee and foot. This procedure is not invasive, annoying or painful.