Leamos organigrama

According to the nature of the Center for Academic Reading and Writing «LEAMOS», the development of activities is established under the enrollment in the Directive and Mission processes, the first of which is aimed at strategic planning actions in pursuit of institutional consolidation. The second one attends to the essential processes that emerge from the nature of a Writing Center directed by the institutional regulation.

With respect to the mission process, it is aimed at working on 6 axes committed to the development of tutorials, specific work on the curricular component, SABER PRO test, the dissemination of knowledge, research, the remedial component and the development of activities to promote non-academic reading and writing.

 Personalized tutoring

Accompaniment of students who attend freely or at the suggestion of a teacher to carry out a specific reading and writing task as part of their formative process. It is aimed at supporting students in the planning, textualization and revision stages of their texts.

In the same way, tutoring can be oriented to the development of skills in reading and writing at a general level, in order to enhance them for professional practice.

Users of this service can contact LEAMOS through the institutional mail and request a tutor’s assignment to start their care process.

Permanent training workshops

LEAMOS team will offer the university community in general a series of permanent training workshops with topics of interest to teachers, students and directors. The participation in these activities is voluntary and therefore the dissemination of the event will be carried out massively through the means provided for this purpose.

Training workshops on induced demand

This line of work meets the needs of a students or teachers group, who require accompaniment for a particular task. The request for this service will be made through LEAMOS’ e-mail, indicating the date, time and subject required to be developed.

Advice for teachers

The aim is to provide a space for direct dialogue with those teachers who wish to undertake an academic or research activity, in which they require accompaniment, advice or support, in any of the stages of textual production.

Dissemination of unpublished material

It is a commitment of LEAMOS team, the consolidation of a repository of unpublished material that supports the good development of reading and writing practices, through which it seeks to support the processes, homogenize the working material and make an institutional articulation.