Leamos publico

The services of the Writing Center LEAMOS are open for students, professors, graduates and management or administrative staff of The Maria Cano University Foundation, who are interested in developing their reading and writing skills, either for specific texts or for a general need for their professional/personal training.

Favor the proper development of reading and writing practices in the academic community of The Maria Cano University Foundation, through the support, accompaniment and orientation in the processes of apprehension and production of knowledge.

  •  Consolidate the Writing Center «LEAMOS» as an institutional space to promote the good development of reading and writing practices, with glocal projection.
  • Support the development of reading and writing skills of The Maria Cano University Foundation’s students, through personalized tutoring for specific, generic and induced demand tasks
  • Level the critical reading and written communication skills of students who will take the SABER PRO test, in order to achieve a better performance.
  • Promote the dissemination of disciplinary knowledge, through the circulation of material, consolidation of academic events and directed workshops.
  • Promote a culture of research through critical reflection of LEAMOS processes, support to research in practice and in the degree work mode.
  • Respond to the demands of the «Te Quiero en la U» Program, providing support, guidance and accompaniment to students who, due to a difficulty with reading and writing, have difficulties s in their academic processes.
  • Join efforts with other institutional and inter-institutional units to consolidate strategies for the promotion of non-formal reading and writing.