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I am Ivonne Molano Bonett and I am a translator of the University of Antioquia. I have taught English and Spanish as a second language for 7 years, and I have taught children, teenagers, and adults in schools, companies, and universities. I love teaching, and that is why I always try to do different things in my classes for my students to fulfill their goals. I hate when students cheat on exams! My biggest motivation to keep teaching is seeing how my students improve.

I’m very happy to be working in this program. Some things about me! I hold a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages from UdeA and a Masters in Teaching at University Level from USB and EAFIT. I also spent a year in New Zealand and I have been teaching for more than 10 years as an ESOL teacher at school and university levels.

I’m a very easy-going person, I love the English language and I encourage you to enjoy your learning by watching movies and TV series (with English subs), listening to music and reading literature or news in English. Involvement in the English language is the most fun and easiest way to learn quickly!

Let’s learn English in a fun way! 😀

I am a man born in La Estrella municipality 34 years ago. Thanks to my parent’s example, both teachers, I got interested in teaching others as well, which made me decide majoring in Foreign Language Teaching. After finishing my major I traveled to London where I lived for a year and learnt a lot more about the English language and about different cultures. I also had the opportunity of going to other countries and places, meeting different people and beliefs. Back in Colombia, I could pass my knowledge to different English language institutions and a private high school. Then, I decide that I would continue going further with my academic education, so I go back to the university and start taking a specialization in English teaching. Some time later, I take a certificate course in higher education teaching focused on the pedagogic use of TIC’s. I have been working for FUMC since 2017 where, thanks to the working atmosphere, I feel really comfortable; besides, they let me do what I really like doing the most which is passing my knowledge and learning from other people, thus making my personal and pedagocic process stronger.

Hi! I teach English, French, and Spanish (for expats in Colombia*). The most positive aspect I’ve found during these 11 years of professional career is teaching my students to learn, since one you “teach someone how to fish,  you feed him for a lifetime”. I’ve worked with different types of educational levels and many people in different places, but the most beautiful aspect of my job is myself learning from all these people with whom I share my knowledge.

My biggest motivation is generating an impact in my family through example, in my students and my job by doing things with love; in a personal level, it’s having the satisfaction of doing what I like and learning new things every day.

My name’s Juan Mauricio Torres; lots of people call me Mauro. I’m a Colombian. I was born in Medellin in 1981 and raised in Andes (Antioquia). I got a Bachiller comercial title from high school in 1997. Then, I returned to Medellin. My family is big, peasant, and very good. From my 18 to my 25 years of age, I studied English formally and on my own, for pleasure; I also studied Fine Arts. I worked for some call centers, initially in Spanish and then in English when I was 26, after moving to Bogotá. Despite I never imagined becoming a teacher in my childhood, I had my first English teaching experience when I was 29, which I loved. I decided to study a Bachelor degree in English teaching while I kept working as an independent teacher in several contexts including college since long before my graduation. I love learning languages. I love virtual teaching for allowing me to have other routines. I imagine myself working in and from anywhere in the world.  I love teaching English as a foreign language and I am studying for Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, too. I am interested in entrepreneuring and personal finance. I deeply believe in our ability to learn

Hi guys! My full name is Jennifer Ruiz Velasco, I’m from Popayán, Cauca and I live here too. I’m 30 years old and I am an English teacher at Maria Cano University. I graduated from a teacher training high school and then, I studied Modern languages. I consider myself as kind, positive, patient, happy, friendly and tolerant. Whenever I have free time, I like going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, above all my nephews, dancing salsa, meeting new people and visiting new places, reading or listening to audio books, and attending also make-up or craft lessons. I have  always been passionate about leadership, teamwork, languages, social work and teaching. One of my dreams is applying for a scholarship and specialize in language teaching. I love to interact with people who may contribute to my personal and professional growth and who can have a positive impact on me and being able to transmit later all of these experiences to my students and people around me. I also like to know, explore and learn about new cultures and places. I have worked with diverse communities in terms of age, gender, social status, etc. But, most importantly, I have the spirit of serving and I have many strenghts that can contribute to the growth of students, coworkers and the community in general. It is nice to meet you!

Hello everybody! My name is Adriana Medina M. I am from the city of Popayán, Cauca and I have lived here all my life. I have a degree in Modern Languages ​​English – French, graduated from the University of Cauca in 2012. At this moment I have an experience of more than 8 years teaching English in different institutions in the city, always performing in the best way and giving my best to each of my students.

I love my profession and knowing that I can surround myself with wonderful people from whom I can learn and grow in every way, as well as the fact of being able to contribute to the intellectual and personal growth of the people who I share with, I consider myself as a person with a great social sense, competitive and passionate about what I do, absolutely committed to my work.

Finally, I can tell you that I am a very active person who loves to enjoy life and share with my friends, I consider my family the most important in my life and I love spending time with them, I like to take on challenges and I have great goals in my professional life which over time I am sure I will accomplish.

My name is Diana Patricia Mina Gómez. I was born in Cali on 3rd August 1970.  I am the third of six siblings. I am a woman of faith and I lead a healthy lifestyle. I learned to play the piano in my childhood so music is important in my life. When I was thirteen I went to live in San Andres Island where I learned Creole English, as my second language and began my journey with languages. After graduating from school in Cali, I studied languages in the Valle University. I graduated in 1992, I got married and started my teaching carrier in schools, language institutes and Universities. Teaching gifted and talented children changed my perspective of intelligence, teaching and learning. In 1997 I became a Mom and also I specialize in bilingual education, and some years later got my Master’s degree in Senior Educational Services Management.

I worked in school both in primary and high school and have dedicated to higher education for since 2002.

My name is Alejandro Sánchez, English teacher from the Maria Cano University Language Center, graduate in Language teaching from the Pontificia Bolivariana University.

I am a person who enjoys the simple things in life such as a good burger or a cold Chocoramo, spending time with my wife and my pet and watching a good sports event. I really enjoy spending a a whole weekend watching Soccer, Basketball, American football and event Martial Arts events (which, apparently, my wife doesn’t enjoy a lot). I like going to different restaurants and trying different types of food; I think it’s a way of knowing a little more about other cultures.

My main goal now is going living abroad, finishing my postgraduate studies, and learning about barista techniques and photography.

At a professional level, I’ve been able to work at almost every education level, all of them have taught me different skills regarding English teaching. I think knowing a second language is of great importance for people’s both personal and professional aspects since we’re becoming “glocal” beings.