Speech-language service

Speech-language service

Service orientated to the communicative process, the disorders of the language, the speech and swallowing.

  • Development of language
  • Specific disorders of language: expressive and mixed type
  • Phonological disorder
  • Managing of the different tests of language
  • Alterations in the lecto-written skills
  • Motor Insuffiency of brain origin: IMOC
  • Joint disorder: Dyslalia.
  • Alterations of the fluency: Sttuttering
  • Alteration of joint of neurological type: Dysarthria
  • Speech basic motor processes.
  • Voice alterations: Hoarse voice
  • Voice Anatomofisiologia
  • Atypical swallowing
  • To evaluate the aspects of lecto-writing to determine the factors of risk that could affect one’s school development.

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Phone number: 4806020 Ext 400 and 401. Address: Calle 56 40 111 Boston Neighborhood.

Institution that undergoes inspection and follow up by the National Ministry of Education and the Sectional Secretariat of Health of Antioquia.