Audiology lab

Audiology basic tests

Clinical Audiometry or tone audiometry: It measures the auditory sensibility from 6 years old, allowing determining normality or auditory loss, which can qualify according to the type and the degree of the problem.

Audiometry determined by game: Test that measures the auditory sensibility in children between 3 and 6 years old, it is a behavioral test where the response is related to the hearing.

Auditory Screening: Rapid test that allows demining if the person or group of people are in risk of presenting auditory loss, it is informed if the patient passes or not the test, and if he/she doesn´t pass the screening it is necessary to fulfil the clinical audiometry to avoid a loss of hearing. This procedure can be done in the institution or taken to all the populations that require it.

Speech audiometry: Test that allows determining of the level of discrimination of the language.

Acoustic inmitancia: Test that allows determining the condition and functionality of the osicular eardrum system. This way we can determine if there is or not acoustic reflex ipsi and contralateral.

Prueba de función tubárica: prueba que permite determinar el estado y funcionalidad de la trompa de Eustaquio.

Acoustic reflection decay test: Test that allows knowing if the estipendial reflection tends to decline when the stimulus that causes it is kept for 10 seconds.

Acoustic latency reflection test: Test that allows knowing the time of appearance of acoustic reflection. It allows doing differential diagnosis among cochlear pathology and retrococlear.

Acufenometria: Test that evaluates the intensity and sonorous frequency of the acufeno or Tinnitus allowing determining what masks or not with noise.

Evoked auditory potentials:  Proof that allows doing the functional design of the auditory rout, the differential diagnosis of retrococlear pathologies and avowing neuropathy auditory.

Electrocochleography: Test that allows evaluating the functionality of the cochlea. It allows the precocious diagnosis of the hipoacausa induced by the noise or for ototoxicidad.

Acoustic otoemison: Multifrequency test that allows the precocious detection of early cochlear issues and problems.

It is the evaluation and the therapy that is done to people with dizziness. Peripheral and central.

Vestibular evaluation: This evaluation is done without biomedical equipment and allows determining the type of dizziness, if it is of central or prophetical origin.

Vestibular rehabilitation: It consists of determining a specific plan to control the system of balance and improves the stability, position and balance. In average of 5 or 10 sections.

Service for people who have auditory loss and need help in order to solve their problem. There are agreements with different companies specialized on the distribution of headphones.

The cost of the headphones depends on the technology and the model of the equipment. It is necessary to carry out an initial auditory evaluation in order to define if it is necessary the use of these equipment, select the right model according to the needs, life style and individual capacities, do a model of the equipment and the whole adaptation process which includes a few appointments of control and after sales follow ups.

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