Historical Review

Historical Review

From the need we had for the development of Speech-language practices, which had been developing in agencies different from the university. For this reason, we thought of organizing this program in the second semester of 1994, in order to be an ideal scene in the university, where the students could do the practices, which consolidate their process of formation based on knowledge, knowing how to do and to communicate.

Initially, it was called COMMUNITY INTEGRATED ATTENTION CENTER, CAIC. These activities were visualized to offer spaces of practice for students of all colleges, beginning with speech language, and later for physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychology students.

In the first semester of 1995, the Speech-language service begins in areas of language, voice and speech. In the same year, the service of physical therapy in all its areas or performance; after the first semester of 1997, it opens the occupational therapy and psychology services.

All these services are provided at the headquarters of the university located on Calle Colombia 50 41 90, the services were extended. The services previously mentioned were extended as the demand grew too; for this reason, the physical therapy service was sent to a close street.

In 1997, 1998 and 1999 the university’s activities begin with agreements with other institutions such as Hogares PAN, Fan, Edisme, Buen comienzo, Hospital Infantil Clínica Santa Ana, Bienestar Social, what was just mentioned confirms again the growth of the service because, at the same time, other welfare activities, prevention and promotion programs continued. Now we keep offering better services since we work in interdisciplinary ways with other programs that the institution was offering.

In 2000, the CAIC had a new infrastructure since its facilities were located in the new and modern headquarters of the institution. Constructed for the well-being of the whole student community and users of different services. Now it possesses more wide spaces, which improved the quality of service and the users flow was so high that some of them were sent to Speech-language service.

In April 2003, it was requested to become a health service unit before Dirección Seccional de Salud. We had the first visit in 2005 and the second one in 2006. The permission requested was awarded as “IPS FUMC” for the services of Speech-language, physical therapy, psychology and general medicine. For this reason, a new branch was considered.

In February 2008, the IPS University Foundation Maria Cano was sent to Carrera 80B 32EE 61 in Laureles neighborhood. Special rates were offered which depended on socioeconomic stratification of the users, and discounts were granted to the poor population of the city.

During 2009, the IPS FUMC was moved to Avenida 33 78 36 in Laureles neighborhood, keeping the qualification of external consultation in physical therapy, speech-language, psychology and general medicine.

At the beginning of 2010, the institution considered to move the branch located on Aveninda 33 to the city center, in order to obtain the own headquarters of the organization and to look for nearness with the students, teachers, administrative area and patients in general, which would benefit more with our services.

A house was acquired on Calle 56 40 11 close to the headquarters of the university. The house was modified and four levels were built fulfilling the current law in health resolution 10 43 of 2006.

On March 28 2011 the new headquarters was delivered, initiating services on April 29 2011, attending particular population, students, teachers, administrative area and their own families up to today as an IPS of low complex and ambulatory modality that offers services in external consultation and programs of early and specific detection for the community.

Institución sujeta a inspección y vigilada por el Ministerios de Educación Nacional y Secretaría Seccional de Salud y Protección Social de Antioquia.