Service of general Medicine

Service of general Medicine

The IPS Maria Cano offers this service to the staff of the university: students, teachers, administrative officers, and employees. External community with agreements, and particular users.

The services of the area of general medicine are provided by external consultation, they can use the internal services such as Physiotherapy, Speech language, and Psychology and external services with other specialist.

A general and complete medical evaluation is offered in order to foster the development of the activities of evaluation, diagnosis, and opportune treatment, stimulating the practices of self-care.

Emergencies are not attended, and the attention does not generate sick leaves for students, administrative staff or teachers.

Early detection and specific protection

Attention in promotion of health and prevention of diseases in students, teachers, clerical staff, external community, and particular users is a strategy orientated to the early recognition of diseases and adoption of a healthy life, with practice such as self-care , that promote the specific protection and the early detection of pathologies, with treatments and opportune rehabilitation avoiding the disability; by means of the administration of information, individual attention, research, and days of health in the service of:

  • Friendly service for teens and young people SSAAJ.
  • Medical advising on contraceptive methods.
  • Health and reproductive sexuality.
  • Control of chronic diseases.

To book appointments in the different services contact us:

Phone number: 4806020 Ext 400 and 401. Address: Calle 56 40 111 Boston Neighborhood.

Institution that undergoes inspection and follow up by the National Ministry of Education and the Sectional Secretariat of Health of Antioquia.