Specialization in Occupational Health Management

The changes and policies generated by the Pan-American Health Organization, as well as the existing legislation, raise, not only the need, but also the obligation to develop in all the companies, health and safety management systems orientated to the promotion of good health, the prevention of diseases and accidents related to work with a managerial approach that facilitated the labor of planning, directing, organizing and controlling all the actions done and their impact on the managerial context.

In this respect, the Specialization in Occupational Health Management at Maria Cano University, seeks to train leading specialists in the technical and managerial processes inside the health and security management system at work, favoring the quality of life of the hard-working population; therefore, the productivity of the organizations improves and increases the levels of competitiveness of the regions of Colombia and the world.

SNIES 52209

Qualified record: 16219 november 15th 2013
Validity: 8.5 years
Duration: 2 semesters
Tuition fee 2021: $6.026.000 per semester
Tuition fee 2022: $6.302.000 per semester

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    Professional profile

    Our FUMCano’s Specialists in Occupational Health Management will be able to:

    • Design, implement and manage Occupational Health programs.
    • Promote the improvement of the living and health conditions of human talent through research.
    • Interpret and apply legal standardization in Occupational Health programs.
    • Develop specific strategies for the fulfillment of the objectives proposed by the organization for Occupational Health.
    • Manage the organization’s resources with a high degree of efficiency and productivity.
    • Develop programs that allow the implementation of strategies.
    • Carry out educational processes for all the organization’s levels, leading to turning Occupational Health into a permanent strategy of the production process.
    • Directly direct the execution of the technological actions required for the development of Occupational Health programs and plans.
    • Conduct research aimed at the development of processes and concepts of Occupational Health as such, and within the organization.

    Addressed to: 

    Professionals in the area of health sciences, engineering and administrative sciences.



    Contenido programático

    Conceptualization of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine

    Hygiene and industrial security

    Legal and judicial framework