Programa Te quiero en la U inglés

Within the framework of total permanence policy, the «¡Te quiero en la U!» program aims to implement strategies to strengthen the academic life of students by responding to the aims of education with quality and comprehensiveness, linking the family and the student to the educational community throughout the course of his professional training, promoting professional training from elementary and secondary education with vocational guidance, accompanying them in all their dimensions: in their relationship as a university student, in their graduation process, and guiding and promoting their relationship to the labor and productive world as a graduate.

Specific objectives

  1. To create a stronger bond between the student and the Institution’s academic life through the on-board processes, integral training, academic, psychosocial and socio-economic support, thus enabling their total permanence in their personal and professional project.
  1. To strengthen academic performance and reduce the risk of dropping out and academic lag, in any of the three moments of university life (from first to fourth semester, from fifth to seventh and from eighth to tenth or graduation).
  1. To articulate actions with the ​​Institutional Practices and Graduates area, in order to consolidate the project of professional life and the process of connection to the working world

Programming by Headquarters