ABC of the Center for Open and Virtual Distance Education

ABC of the Center for Open and Virtual Distance Education

Below we invite you to learn about some concepts that will help you to better understand what we do:

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

A virtual space that can be carried out through an LMS (Learning Management System), or what is also known as a virtual educational platform.

A (VLE) makes it possible to manage ICT-mediated learning in a centralized way. In other words, if you are a virtual student, the courses will be taught within the VLE. If you are a campus-based student, you will also have access to VLE through subjects that use ICT mediation. Each VLE classroom provides the opportunity to:

  • know the academic aspects of the course (syllabus, timeline, evaluation system, among others).
  • Communicate with the teacher and classmates.
  • Inform yourself about course development and resources for a better performance.
  • Assess learning through evaluative activities.
  • Participate in discussions.
  • Carry out cooperative and collaborative work.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The tools and devices that facilitate information and communication between different people. One of the most common ICTs is the Internet, which is a set of services for informing and communicating.

These services include online learning, which is generally managed through Virtual Learning Environments or Learning Management Systems.

Virtual Educational Platform

Also known as LMS (Learning Management System).

Digital educational resource

A resource is a material or file, when it has the characteristic of «digital» it indicates that it is a file or material that can be accessed through any digital medium. A digital education resource implies that its content characteristics include elements for learning and teaching. There are many digital resources that are not necessarily made with an educational intent, for example, a music video or a product advertisement, which are non-educational digital resources.

There are also educational resources that are not necessarily digital, for example, a primer or textbook in print.

Virtual classrooms

The VEP is the place where the subjects or other virtual management spaces are organized. Each space in which the VEP is organized is called a virtual classroom.
If a classroom is for a course, the course is not necessarily virtual, we also have classrooms that are for attendance or for administrative management.
The virtual classroom, then, is the generic name given to the independent spaces within the VEP.