Virtual programs offer

Virtual Courses

María Cano University Foundation accompanies the implementation and execution of:

  • Online undergraduate academic programs
  • Online postgraduate academic Programs
  • Distance postgraduate academic Programs
  • Online subjects for students of the campus-based modality
  • Extension courses

We invite you to know the courses of this 2nd semester – 2018 for the four periods:

Remember how to enter Mariacanovirtual: Click on the Mariacanovirtual icon in the institutional website or type in your browser

Estudiantes nuevos de primer semestre. En el Centro de Educación Abierta y a Distancia Virtual te estarán suministrando los datos de usuario y contraseña en el momento que seas citado a la inducción

It is now possible to study virtual subjects by being a student of the face-to-face modality.

We invite you to know the availability for 2018-1.

Online courses are organized in periods of 4 weeks during the semester. Keep in mind that these require more intensive work than campus-based courses.
We continue to increase the offer of virtual courses for campus-based students.

We invite you to know the offer of subjects for each period. Click here

To be a student in an online subject you must take the induction to learn about the modality and use of Mariacanovirtual. You will receive an email before the beginning of the semester or the academic period of the course. If you do not receive it, please contact

Students who only have online María Cano training will receive the induction from September 3 to 16, 2018.

Recuerda cómo ingresar a Mariacanovirtual: Haz clic en el icono Mariacanovirtual en el portal institucional o digita en tu navegador