Alumni Community

They are the living presence of our María Cano in Colombia and in the world, and through the worthy exercise of their occupations, which help to place them in a privileged place.

Out main institutional objective with our graduates is maintaining a close and permanent relationship. Here we make you part of services and institutional benefits, we offer you the chance to continue qualifying yourself professionally, while we provide you information of general interest.

The Institution gives you a warm welcome to this space designed for you and your family.

Information management and service to graduates

Alumni card

The alumni card, is delivered at the graduation ceremony. It is the document that identifies you as an important part of the institution and it is delivered with the diploma on the day of the ceremony and allows you to access the different benefits, agreements and events programmed by the institution thinking about your well-being and your family group, such as:

  • Access to María Cano’s facilities
  • Access to the institutional library and the required services
  • Access to the IPS and all its services according to your degree of consanguinity
  • Access to discounts for sports programs
  • Admission to the annual alumni meeting
  • Have special discounts at events

*Each service has conditions and restrictions, which you should consult in the dependencies at the moment of requesting them.

Procedure to apply for the Alumni Card

For the first time

If you have not requested it in the paperwork as a requirement for your graduation, you must:

  • Fill out the alumni form (Undergraduate Update y Postgraduate Update)
  • Deliver in the Alumni office a photo in blue background, size 3 × 4 and a copy of your document of identity zoomed at 150%.

Replacement of the card

In case of loss or deterioration, you must:

  • You must request at the treasury office (Medellín), in the Coordination of the offices (Cali, Neiva and Popayán) or to the email the receipt of payment for card replacement, for the current value in the year in accordance with the collection of pecuniary rights.
  • Deliver in the Alumni office a photo in blue background, size 3 × 4 and a copy of your document of identity zoomed at 150%.

* Please note that if the replacement is for loss you must submit the official complaint, if it is for deterioration you must bring your card to exchange at the office.

Professional Card Requirements

For you to request your professional card you must enter the link that we share below, according to the program of which you are a graduate, this procedure must be done directly by the Alumni.

Update to the Alumni

Our communication with you is very important because it allows you access to interesting information such as: job offers, academic, cultural, social events, sports benefits among others.