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The Business Management Program has a solid academic and administrative proposal that projects it as one of the representative undergraduate programs of the Maria Cano University Foundation. The program is about to celebrate 20 years of operation, preparing competitive professionals who meet the requirements of the local, national and international context. It bases its actions on the achievement of high quality accreditation, which is the result of self-evaluation and continuous improvement exercises, validated by the Ministry of National Education and the National Accreditation System. 

We train professionals who recognize and apply the administrative process (planning, organizing, managing and controlling), with representative strengths in financial elements and supporting their action with the institutional mission of preparing innovative and entrepreneurial people to the requirements of organizations, regardless of their size or economic sector in which they are referenced.

The Program offers important alternatives for students, such as interdisciplinary and flexible processes, highlighting the possibility of studying in mixed schedules from Monday to Friday (between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., and 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.) and eventually on Saturday. In addition to this, students can take courses in Mariacanovirtual, an institutional platform for interacting with subjects in the virtual mode.

It has teachers trained at the Master’s and PhD level and with knowledge in agile learning methodologies, which generate an innovative environment in academic processes.

SNIES 11255

Qualified Registration: 018752 of October 5th, 2020
Valid for 7 years.

Study Plan
Length: 8 Semesters (4 years)
Total program credits: 143
Admissión cycles: Every semester
Class method: On – site
Tuition fee 2021: $2.762.000 per semester

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Admission Profile 

The applicant to the Business Management Program, in addition to the requirements expressed in the Academic Regulations of the Institution, must be a person with motivation to entrepreneurship, to make personal, social and organizational transformation. In addition, he/she must be a person concerned with generating innovative proposals that facilitate the achievement of the general objectives of any productive economic unit. The applicant must have initiative to strengthen his/her personal project, open to change and know the relevance of social projection for our institution.

Graduate Profile

The Business Manager will have a solid and integral formation, with humanistic, scientific and technological bases, a multidisciplinary approach of the administrative process, joining abilities for planning, organization, management and control, with abilities to coordinate the human and physical resources for the achievement of the objectives of an organization under an approach centered in the correct financial management. All of the above, along with entrepreneurial skills and a permanent disposition towards innovation.

The fields of action of the Business Manager of the Maria Cano University Foundation are the following:

  • Manager or director of public, private and third sector companies.
  • Department and division coordinator of all types of companies.
  • Business consultant and advisor.
  • Researcher and/or teacher.
  • Project manager.
  • Create and develop your own company.
  • Trainer and instructor in administrative processes.


Study Plan


  • TIC’s Management 2
  • Mathematics I 2
  • Communication skills 2
  • María Cano Chair 2
  • Epistemology s2
  • Economics Basics 3
  • Accounting I 2
  • Introduction to Management 3

Credits 17

  • Mathematics II 2
  • Critical Reading 3
  • Social Competencies 2
  • Microeconomics 2
  • IIntroduction to Law I 2
  • Accounting II 2
  • Organizational Communication 3
  • Organizations 3

Credits 17

  • Innovation and Creativity  3
  • Statistics  2
  • Institutional Election  3
  • Macroeconomics 2
  • Commercial legislation 3
  • Costs I 3
  • Management Models  3

Credits 18

  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Basics of Research 2
  • Financial Mathematics  3
  • Labor Legislation 3
  • Management 2
  • Strategic Planning 3
  • Operations Research 2

Credits 18

  • FProject Formulation 3
  • Ethics  2
  • International Economy 2
  • Production Management 3
  • Prospective 2
  • Budgets 3
  • Marketing 3

Credits 18

  • Project Evaluation 3
  • Financial Markets 3
  • Simulation Laboratory 2
  • Logistics 2
  • Management Controls  2
  • Market Research 3
  • Human Talent Management 3

Credits 18

  • Geopolitics 2
  • International Business  3
  • Quality Management 3
  • Corporate Finance 3
  • E commerce 2
  • Management Information Systems  2
  • Specializarion field I  3

Credits 18

  • Financial Management 4
  • Business Internship ( Business Internship options, Business Idea and Business Consulting) 10
  • Public Management 2
  • Specializarion field II 3

Credits 19