Documentary Management

In this sense, the María Cano University Foundation designed and implemented a document management process within the framework of the institution’s quality management system. With the objective of carrying out the correct administration of the documentary heritage and information based on institutional criteria and applicable regulations, in order to ensure its conservation and management in a timely, effective and efficient manner. Document management is governed by the different laws applicable to public sector entities and those that, being private, perform public functions. In this sense, a set of activities are developed for the planning, production, management and processing, organization, transfer and preservation of documents, from their origin to their final destination. For the purposes of invigorating and mobilizing practices in relation to information management, the institution has a support tool for the QfDocument Document Management process, which allows us to adequately manage information, also guarantees integrity, reliability, conservation , custody and availability of the information that is produces and saves in the different documentary series.


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